True Horsemanship by Ellen Sand, 1991.




Intensive instruction of the fundamental riding and/or advanced dressage inclusive of explanation of the riding theory.

No matter the purpose of which you want to your horse, the fundamental riding must be correct, so that the horse isare brought into relaxed ballance in all four sides. Where the fundamental dressage ends, the violence starts.

Dressage is easy and logic, but can be developed into one of the greatest art. The goal is a supple horse with intensified radiation. The means are the excercises, structure of the training and the riding theory.

I am working with horses and ponies of all types. The training includes both dressage from the saddle and dressage from the ground.




Code word:

Love and respect for the horse! Fairness and humility to the art! The co-operation between horse and rider must be pleasant and developing for both!


No violence but using the fundamental and universal horsemanship, which is the highest grade of the riders ethical conduct towards the horse. Before the remaining training begins, communication with the horse is established through bodylanguage in the Picadero.




Educated A‑instructor in dressage, jumping and military. Study tours in various international places (for instance with Arthur Cottas, dressage).  In many years inspired by Reinar Klimke, Kyra Kyrklund, Leoni Meldgård, and classical literature about riding theory and anatomy. In the year 2000 I have educated horses and riders/drivers for 25 years. My idols among former and living masters are: Nuno Olievera from Portugal , Dr. Reinar Klimke from Germany and Miguel Barrionuevo from Spain, whom I have been studying intensively. Last but not least Richard Himrichs, Germany, who is a Master in Dressage from the ground.

I arrange:

International intensive weekend courses within both carriage horses and riding horses emphasizing the fundamental riding. Several of the drivers now win theire drive competitions, (several danish champions). I also arrange courses for advanced riders as required, and show preparations, so that the paces are improved. In addition lecture to order.



I stress:

The fundamental training must be correct no matter how, you want to specialize your horse - from competition to terrain riding! Riders are instructed on every level.

I claim:

The right fundamental riding without violence, where the horse works relaxed and balanced in all four sides, produces a thousand times better and self-increasing results within: Dressage, jumping, driving, military, western, hunting, iceland ponyriding, long distance, polo, horse-race, trotting, and terrain riding. In short -every use of the horse - and, it is not difficult, but very easy.



I emphazise:

The grooming of the horse, the stable management, the everyday freedom in the field, correct feeding and so on, are demands which must not be reduced. Including that the hoofs are cut correctly in front, just as the natural wear by the wild horse. The above mentioned forms the basis of foundamental riding which at the same time forms a healthy, long living and happy horse. The horse is not stupid, but very co-operative under the right influence, which besides the correct technique comprises the use of the voice, to which the horse is very sensitive - just as it has an extreemly good memory. Therefore: To educate the horse, use your heart and brain and an excessive intuition!



I deplore:

Ignorance and lack of will to insight, result in more or less painful legs, back, muscles, tendons and joints on most horses of today. Incorrect riding and/or wrong caretaking of the horse - labels the horse "stupid" - "stubborn" - "lazy" - "rough" - "vicious" or "problem horse"! According to insurance statistics the average age of horses is 6 - 7 years! ! !

I inform:

Horses and ponies of 3 years are "big babies" and far from being full-grown. At that age the horses should only be ridden fundamentally for 1 month from the ground and after that "put away" together with other young horses for 1 year to be left alone to grow up. Too often they are strained too early - too hard – too fast - and incorrectly, and then the groundwork is prepared for and psychological problems. The fundamental riding must be extended from the age of 4 - 6 years, when the periods of growth are closed. After that the horse can specialize.



I maintain:

The most important tool, to perform the true riding, is the correct position of the rider on the horse. Insight of the riding theory can be compared to insight of music:  The note learning and the keys, if you want to play the piano without false tunes. Both are neglected, at too many riding schools, for which reason, so many riders start incorrectly, becoming bad habits, which without help are impossible to get rid of.



I have:

Co-operated with veterinaries at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark concerning ridingtechnique, anatomically seen.

I recommen:

Re-education of the horse/pony when the damage is done. For many years I have specialized in "problem horses" and almost all can be correcteed again during one or a few months. Then the rider can be re-educated, often first on my competitive horses and subsequently, the rider is coupled with his/her "new" horse.



I question:

Whether riders want to damage their horses on purpose and spend so much time and money on a bad result. People cannot "afford" not to re-educatie, if they only knew the possibility. If we as riders and horse owners are critical enough of the training methods of our horses and the instruction of ourselfs as riders and drivers.

I agree :

If the education is not based on the natural communication between horse and human being, which is based on dominance, respect and confidence, the result vil be false.



I bring on:

From the beginning raw horses are to be guided not mislead, in consideration of the strongest instinct of the horse - the fleeing instinct, which is activated by everything from confusion, to fear and pain! Therefore most of the elements of fear should be eliminated during the breaking in. By means of "training from the ground" the horse will be made dirigible, balanced in all 3 paces and learn to stop from behind extremely light on the hand, this - before the horses' anxiety of the placement and weight of a rider on the horseback, finally will complete the breaking in, - which in this way usually will take place without bucks or other protests of any kind. The confidence which the horse has gotten through the voice and the technique, makes the transfer of riding from the ground to the horseback easy, because of the memory and the enjoyment of moving balanced and without muscular tensions.



I produce:

Many winning competitive riders/drivers - because the right fundamental education of the horse and the insight of correct position of the rider and riding theory , makes it very easy and inspiring for all parts to perform the training and in adition to intensify the assembling grade very easily. Thus the horse shows the aim: souppleness, and intensified radiation by balance in all four sides plus swing and bearing. No judge can help seeing the difference from the more or less tensed horse, influenced by incorrect technique. But important at all levels - from everyday field riding to competition: All horses should to be happy all the time, and be improving physically, which produces one "favourable side effect": Happy riders.

I Offer:

Intensive training on every level and demand only the true wish and will to improve from the rider.



Intensive weekend dressage courses all over the country for all kinds of riders and drivers.



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